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The Time Racers, A Steampunk Youth Adventure Novel

Summary: After their Dad remarries, Tori and Milo Westbrooks try to find the good side of their new life in a small, sleepy town, which contains more than first meets the eye.  They soon become unsettled by an ancient bookkeeper at The Scriptorium Emporium who takes an unnerving interest in Tori, Milo and their step siblings Brenna and Jesse.  When Jesse and a secret book known as the Charta are taken by anti-time villains, they find themselves embarking on a quest in search of a legendary alchemic power that can alter the time continuum.  With the help of historical greats from the past, Tori, Milo and Brenna race against time to save their brother in the midst of an outbreaking war between those who want to protect history and those who seek to destroy it.  Science takes the form of imaginative “steampunk” technology in this first installment of The Time Racers.


Black Roses, a historical fiction novel set in the antebellum south.

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Short Fiction

"The Eyes of the Listener" - 2nd Place Lowell Grabill Wheaton Undergraduate Writing Contest

“The Eyes of the Listener”, set in the realm of 1950s academia, tells the story of a young man with a speaking impediment who is assigned to find a listening partner with whom he must converse weekly.  His unconventional friendship with a neighboring blind girl compels him to come to terms with his condition and to challenge his own preconceptions of speaking, sight and identity.

Gina Oschner, featured writer for The New Yorker and guest judge at the Wheaton College undergraduate writing contest, reviewed this piece, saying:

"Of the many strengths of this story, one is its steady, assured, calm unfolding of narrative.  There’s a sophistication to this voice and omniscience that belies the age of the author.  The story seamlessly glides along, no hindrances or interpretative intrusions by the author.  Glorious, precise description—spot-on thumbnail sketches of academia, abound.  It’s a story about courage, sight, insight, finding one’s voice in a sea of noise.  It’s a story that is familiar.  The beauty of this piece is how the author made the familiar problems peculiarly unique."

[Online e-copy coming soon!]

The Anniversary of My Death - 2nd Place Lowell Grabill Wheaton Undergraduate Writing Contest

This story, shown here, is a comic critique on how society idolizes leaving a legacy. When an aspiring writer plans to fake his own death in order to prompt his rise to posthumous fame, his scheming takes a turn for the unfortunate.

Eleanor  - The hauntingly beautiful story of "all the lonely people" from the iconic Beatles' song "Eleanor Rigby".

Creative Non-Fiction

"People Watching" - A quirky and whimsical travel essay on the art of observation on the London Underground.

"Home Sick, Love Sick, Far Sick, Here Sick" - A humorous but poignant travel essay on present moment nostalgia and living in the moment.

Journalistic Experience

Guest Writer for Family Christian Bookstores’ National Blog

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Marketing Review of “The Remaining" for Affirm Films, Sony

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Teen Ink

"Will Work For Others"

The Red Book, Sourcebook Curriculum Writer with Monument Publishing

"Lincoln Douglas Debate"

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