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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm so excited to begin a new feature of The Write Things: Writer Of The Week! We'll be hosting aspiring writers and published writers who will be sharing samples of their work and life advice. Many thanks to our very first Writer Of The Week, Summer Denson — her poetry account Images Speak Words is full of her vibrant, evocative art. I'm very thankful to have her work here today!

Writer Profile: Summer Denson

My name is Summer Eden and I am a passionate writer and poet. I am newly eighteen and searching for ways to spread my words and original music to this art-starved world. 

I am a seed that was planted in rich soil. My childhood was almost idealistic, and to me, it felt like utopia. I have become an old soul, though perhaps not by design. Life has gifted me with a richness I have not formerly possessed. I devolved a spine condition called occipital neuralgia when I was fifteen years young. Since then I have suffered day in, day out. 

Pain became my only companion. Depression spread her wings and the clouds of isolation threatened to wilt my petals. It was among
the hundreds of days debilitating pain, and the thousands of tears I wept that I found my newest and most beautiful companion- written words. I began to bleed upon paper. I found my refuge and my hope inside the pages. As I fought through my confusion and anger, I created beauty. My words are my voice. Chronic suffering is almost impossible to describe, but writing gave me a way to channel my emotions. I have written hundreds of poems, and now that I am in a better state of mind, my poetry is less about myself and more about inspiring those who endure all kinds of heartache.  

Check out Summer's inspiring poetry here and
on her Instagram account!

Want to be featured as the Writer Of The Week? Whether you're a professional or an aspiring writer, I'd love to feature you and your work to build a community of writers. Just contact me directly here or fill out the submission form here.
What life experiences inspire you to write?

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  1. I can totally understand the need to seek out words as a remedy for pain, physical or emtional or psychological. And I'm very glad that Summer, despite the many days of suffering she's had to endure, has found a way to create beauty from pain.

    Thanks for sharing! And thanks for commenting on Out of Coffee, Out of Mind!

    1. Of course! You have a lovely blog and I'll be back. I definitely agree - it's so important to learn how to draw from life experience and make something beautiful.

  2. I like the concept of this new feature, Ciera. I think it is going to be really fun.

    I love Summer's word art. The nostalgic concept of using the typewriter to directly feed into an Instagram post is interesting and an enticing blend of a new medium and an old. Thanks for your openness and sharing!

    Lucy Rose Till

    1. Thanks Lucy Rose! I'm excited for this feature, too. It's always so encouraging to network with other artists. I'm also falling more in love with Instagram because it does well in marrying together the visual and the language elements of art.