Travel Log: London

Friday, June 05, 2015

Location: London
Day: One
Jet-Lag Status: Mildly recovering
Caffeinated Status: Found the Starbucks, so we're good

London has been a blur.

Buses and vintage taxi cabs all tangled on the streets.  The high reaching buildings all lined up with symmetry, clash between the crisp new and the antiquated old.  It’s strange to see a place so old and so current. It’s a composite city.  And it’s a reminder of just how young we Americans are.  1776? We just walked through a room built in 1050 AD.

Random Musings from A Tired Traveler:

Arrived in Dublin at 6:00 in the morning. Though, of course, it felt like midnight. "Jet lag will be fine," I thought. "I'll handle it," I said.  Yeah...

Took pictures near the Thames.  There was someone sending giant bubbles out over the river and the iridescence caught the light. It was one of my favorite things of the day.

Learned that Big Ben isn't the name of the clock tower. It's the name of the bell inside. Who knew?

Sat on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral writing poetry and singing “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins. (In case you're wondering, there really are a ridiculous number of birds out there.)

Had lunch in a park with John Donne.  He was stone cold company. (hahahaha)

Buckingham Palace. God save the Queen.

We saw the oldest door in London. Lovely.

Lit a candle in my grandmother’s memory in Westminster Abbey under a relic of the Byzantine Christ.

And lastly, some thoughts to leave you with in poetic form.

:: a poem for london ::

we went exploring, the girls and I,
for we wanted to travel by
the whim of time's unfacing hand
savoring a foreign land.
travel, we long to do it well
to know the taste, the feel, the smell,
traversing the world's protected places
in this our hybrid of spaces.

Till next time.



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