You Know You're At A Christian College When...

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

College is a formative time.  It helps students discover their vocational calling, construct a worldview  and establish a sense of identity.

Students at a Christian college might experience all of these things in a rather unique way.  You know you're at a Christian college when... 

Someone mentions one of the following almost every day: C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, Bonhoeffer or Augustine.

Words like "intentional community" are frequently thrown around.

You realize that pretty much everyone can either sing or play guitar.

Students bring homework to sporting events and you secretly judge them.

Half of the students are pastor's kids or missionary kids.

Going to church together is "making a move".

Everyone debates relentlessly about the appropriateness of yoga pants.

You sign a community covenant.

You've actually heard the corny Christian pick-up lines.

You play more Settlers Of Catan than you'd care to admit.

People either love or hate chapel.

Everyone says "ring by spring" but pretty much no one goes on dates.

Course assessments ask how you grew spiritually in the class.

Your professor memorizes everyone's name in a lecture room of over a hundred students. (Ahem...Dr. Johnson.)

There are more hipsters than in Portland.

There's a theme Bible verse for your dorm floor.

Your RA is basically your role model.

You see the school president in the cafeteria and get really excited.

It's normal to walk into a heated conversation on limited atonement or the role of the trinity.

Almost everyone wants to be labeled politically "Independent" and religiously "Nondenominational."

Everyone loves Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock or Parks and Recreation.

What would you add?


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