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Monday, July 07, 2014

Hello Friends!!

I am beyond excited to share with you all my very first ever 

This is made possible by the Christian Bookseller's Convention ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) where authors and publishers gave out free books for the purpose of reviewing.  It is now my great pleasure to help you stack your shelves with great new literature!

Here's how it works.

It's Simple:
Write a comment or question below in the "Enter Comments" section to be entered into the drawing for the contest.  

You can comment about anything: What you're reading, what you want to read, what you're writing, who you are etc.
I will use an online random generator to select one winner!! And you will receive this special book from me, free of charge, and sent in a very vintage-writer way! (Books can only be sent to the U.S. or Canada.)  Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you, either through your own blog or an email.

However, you can be entered more than once! 
You can be entered up to four times:
1. Commenting on the blog post 
2. Subscribing to The Write Things by email
3. Following me on Twitter
4. Sharing a link to this blog on ANY social media site!

If you do these extra things to be entered into the contest, just contact me and let me know or leave extra comments explaining what you did.  You can contact me directly here.

Deadline: Tuesday, July 15 at 8:00 pm EST

This just happens to be my birthday.  You're welcome.  It's like a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me to you kind of gift.  So help make my birthday wonderful!!

Book Title in Question for This Week:
Submerged, by Dani Pettrey

A sabotaged plane. Two dead deep-water divers.

Yancey, Alaska was a quiet town...until the truth of what was hidden in the depths off the coast began to appear.  Bailey Craig vowed never to set foot in Yancey again. She has a past, and a reputation--and Yancey's a small town. She's returned to bury a loved one killed in the plane crash and is determined not to stay even an hour more than necessary. But then dark evidence emerges and Bailey's own expertise becomes invaluable for the case. Cole McKenna can handle the deep-sea dives and helping the police recover evidence. He can even handle the fact that a murderer has settled in his town and doesn't appear to be moving on. But dealing with the reality of Bailey's reappearance is a tougher challenge. She broke his heart, but she is not the same girl who left Yancey. He let her down, but he's not the same guy she left behind. Can they move beyond the hurts of their pasts and find a future together?

"Submerged is romantic suspense that will keep you up at night!"
--Bestselling Author Dee Henderson

And I forgot to mention.  It's an autographed copy.

I can't wait to see your responses!!  Be sure to share this with your friends and let others know about this free book giveaway.  I will be giving away more books in the next several weeks - so stay tuned.

Now For A Quick Recap On What I've Been Up To.

I've been reading quite a bit.  I feel like this:

Or, on a really good day, like this:

But the truth is, I broke my foot this week and so I've looked more like this:

...except I have a boot and crutches, not a thermometer.

On June 22 (before the foot injury), I attended the ICRS show in Atlanta.  I went two years ago when I was pitching one of my earlier novels Black Roses.  This time, it was even more educational because I attended an author's bootcamp.  Jerry Jenkins, writer of the Left Behind series, gave a seminar on manuscript editing that was SO helpful! I'll be sharing some tips I learned very soon.

I was also blessed to meet with David Teems, a wonderful Christian writer, the author of Majestie and Tyndale.  He gave me some insightful advice and offered great words of wisdom that I will seek to put into practice.

While in Atlanta, which is where I was born, we got to do more than go to the retail show.  During the 1996 Olympics, my parents got a brick with my name on it in the Centennial Olympic Park.  So we got to visit it while I break for CBA!

After CBA, I went back to the Distinguished Young Women of America National Finals.  It was such a joy to return as a "Has Been" - because "it's better to be a has been than a never was." I truly love this program and all that it stands for.  If you have any questions about DYW and the scholarships we provide, check out the website.
Those two big events made me take a little break on reading.  But I've tried to keep up!

Book Goal For The Summer: 10 Books

Read So Far: 4

The Book Thief
The Fault In Our Stars
The Time Traveler's Wife
Water For Elephants

I've started so many books and couldn't get into them, including Serena, Percy Jackson, The Last Time I Saw Paris and The Leviathan.  So, it's been a little slower than I'd like but I've also been picky.

Writing Projects:
The Time Racers (as usual)
Debate cases for the NCFCA Red Book
A new version of The Anniversary Of My Death

There you have it, friends.  I hope you are all having a great summer.

Don't Forget to Comment and Enter the Giveaway!
Share with your friends!
Win Submerged!

I'm so excited. :)



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  1. Wow you've been busy! And I hope your foot gets better soon!
    A giveaway! So cool!!!! Right now, I'm reading Camilla by Madeleine L'Engle. It's actually very interesting and I like the characters a lot.

    Alexa Skrywer

    1. I love Madeleine L'Engle - she's so wonderful! Thanks for entering, Alexa!

  2. Cool, a giveaway! :) Right now I'm reading Matched.

  3. Books, and the hope of them, have always been my comfort and friend.

    1. I definitely agree. Thanks for entering, Anna!