You Know You're a Debater If...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sticky notes are your best friend.

When you have free time, you research.

Going shopping means looking for a new suit.

Debate camp is a highlight of your summer.

You find yourself practicing a speech in a bathroom mirror.

You memorize a complete case on the way to the tournament.

Or, you rewrite your complete case the night before said tournament.

Nothing frustrates you more than the CX answer, "I don't really know what you mean" when you know they know exactly what you mean.

A debate tournament becomes a family vacation.

Your entire spring is filled up with said tournament/vacations.

You have a favorite pen — and it's probably at the bottom of your debate box.

You call out logical fallacies in normal conversation.

Iron Man means so much more than a super hero.

TPing isn't a prank.

Being called to JO sounds like a death sentence.

You can reference the Social Contract theory in everyday life.

The talk of the year is complaining about the new debate resolutions. (They're hated every year—just get over it.)

The NFL doesn't make you think of football.

You know that "breaking" is a good thing.

Even if you're now alumni, you find yourself coaching or writing about debate. (Hence, this very post.)

What would you add??


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  1. "You call out logical fallacies in normal conversation."

    ^This is me. XD

  2. You know you are a debater when...

    College friends give you blank stares after you make a statement, simply because they have never heard/used half the words you just verbally handed them to digest (even though it takes you a few moments to realize the vocabulary of your vernacular is quite different than the vocabulary of everyone else's vernacular)

    Your college roommates dub you the "walking dictionary" because you use so many "big words" without even realizing it ...and thus continually have to follow up your statements with an apology and a translation

    Non-NCFCAers wonder why almost every open, vertical surface of your dorm room (with the room containing two NCFCAers and frequently being visited by a third NCFCA town student) is completely covered in sticky-notes ...completely = 100-200 notes at least throughout the year

    Others see your flows of current debates (political, religious, etc) and think you created an incredibly complex system used to solve the mysteries of the universe ...when it was really just a basic bunch of organized notes in small columns

    You find yourself over-analyzing the credentials of a cited source when all your friend really wanted you to do was check to see if her speech outline contained reasonable organization

    You realize the Lord still has a lot to teach you about effective communication to the masses, not just to professors of politics and philosophy :)

    1. Oh, yes!! I love all of those! I've especially found the whole "walking dictionary" thing to be true. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  3. When you ask "Do you have evidence for that?" in normal conversation...

  4. This sounds like my entire After-Dinner Speech. Bravo and well-done.

    1. I wish I could have seen it!! Are there any videos?

  5. The CX one thoughhhhh. At the last tournament, I was simply clarifying that a piece of civil rights legislation was put in place to stop discrimination, and I didn't get a straight-up answer at first. Like, c'mon. Haha xD

    1. That happened to me so many times!! It's the worst feeling.

  6. You forget your shoes.

  7. When you adjust the suits on the dummies at clothes stores.
    (the most common error is the buttoning of the bottom button)