You Know You're a Writer If...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We writers like to stick together.  We understand each other.  We connect through our quirks, our obsession with books, our deep relationships with imaginary friends that manifest themselves as characters in our plots.

So what are some telling signs if you're in love with writing?

You know you're a writer if...

1. You own way too many journals and still want more.

2. You'll stop in the middle of a conversation to exclaim, "That needs to be in a book somewhere!"  Then you proceed to scribble down whatever it was that gave you inspiration.

3. You have an unhealthy addiction to coffee shops. ("Starbucks is too mainstream.")

4. You read and read and read, hoping you'll magically become as talented as your favorite writer.

5. You like to be known as the one who always carries a book or journal along.

6. You can be a bit of a Grammar Nazi.  And you can drive you're friends crazy because their not writers. ;)

7. You debate whether or not you should go out and be social or stay home and finish up a few thousand words on that manuscript.

8. You have more books than you'll probably ever read.  And that's okay.

9. When (and if) you get money, it goes to journals, books and coffee.  Mostly coffee.

10. No one ever plays Scrabble with you.

11. You've thought about getting a typewriter, even if you'll never use it.  Just because it's cool.

12.  No story is ever really, truly done.

13. You have a hard time reading books or watching movies without critiquing the plot and character development.

14. You have romanticized dreams about book signings, New York Times' bestsellers list and movies based on your stories.

15. You understand yourself better when you write about things.

Given the fact that I'm guilty of all of these, I think it's pretty clear. ;)

What do you do that distinguishes you as a writer?


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  1. Most of these! And notebooks and pens... one can never own too many of those!

  2. I can completely relate to many of these! I have so many journals...I literally have a big stack of them in my closet :P Neat post! :)

  3. Many of these hit close to home! I carry a small notebook with me everywhere as you never know when inspiration will strike. I have notebooks full of scribbled notes on story ideas, and I am a pen freak... having an idea with nothing to write with? *shudder* Will never happen in my house!

    1. Not having a pen around is the worst feeling! I always have to have a notebook with me - I get inspiration at the most random times. :)

  4. Hah, yes! Spot on, good job.
    My conversation-interrupting inspirations usually end up with me rushing around in search of a pen and paper while making frantic animal noises. XD
    And the book/movie critiquing thing - it's almost like a curse, I swear. Plot twists are starting to not surprise me any more.

    1. Same!! My sister and I have started carrying on plot commentaries whenever we watch anything. It's like a game to see who's right. ;)

  5. Most of these apply to me except I don't like coffee, I like tea. XD And part of where my money goes is buying things that have anything to do with my books whatsoever like music, random objects that no one understands can relate to anything ...

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. I'm addicted to tea, too! I think I'm just addicted to caffeine in general ;) And I love random objects! Anything that gives me inspiration! Most of my pins on pinterest are things that inspire stories.

    2. Cool. :) I've sculpted objects from my book out of clay to give my inspiration before.

    3. That's awesome! I wish I could sculpt...but I do paint and draw. Drawing really helps me visualize elements of my stories - especially since my newest was a Steampunk adventure book for kids! And Steampunk is very visual.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes! That was on purpose to make a point! ;)