Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm back.  It's been a good break from blogging but I've been taking time off to plan for new and exciting adventures to come in the world of writing!

Let me catch you up.

My steampunk youth adventure series The Time Racers is starting to take off more!  I have a manuscript that's getting the finishing touches put on it.  Hopefully, I'll spend the summer shopping it around!

I've been working a lot on networking with other writers and professionals in the field!  I'm so excited and eager to learn more!

Also, I'm making plans to expand this blog, collaborate with other writers and start a young writers community, which I would like to release this summer!  It will be a place to submit and share your work!  Are you a young, up and coming writer on the scene?  Contact me and let me know!  I would love to feature your work and offer guest interviews.  My goal is to create a safe place where writers can come together.  I'll be sharing more from my own experiences, but I'm hoping to turn this platform into a way for YOU to share!


Let me know!


I would love your input, advice and comments!  Would you be in support of The Write Things as an online 'coffee house' community?


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  1. Hey, Ciera! I've got a blog and I'm a writer. I'm not great or even good, but if you want help and I can do anything, let me know. ;)

  2. Rana! I would LOVE your help! What kind of pieces do you write? Could you send me a link to your blog? Do you know any other young writers who may be interested?

    1. Hey there! I write fiction (and essays for school, but I guess that's beside the point) and blog posts. xD My fiction has included fantasy, dystopian, and a sort of paranormal sort of thing (NOT paranormal romance!). You can message me on FB or whatever if you have any questions. :)

      Here's a link to my blog: http://thevillainauthoress.wordpress.com/

      And I did put up a link back to your blog in a writer's group I'm a part of. Someone said they were interested, but I don't know if that means they want to do it or not. :P I can definitely spread the word. ;)

  3. I read Rana's blog and it brought me here. I am very interested in doing something like this. I dabble in all genres, but at the moment I'm writing fantasy and Y.A.
    Here is my blog link:http://skyehoffert.blogspot.ca/

    1. Hey Skye! It's great to hear from you! Thanks for your interest. :) I'll let you know when we have more specifics. Do you write short stories or long books? And any poetry or non-fiction? (And I'll be sure to check out your blog!)

  4. I'd like to do this, or at least be a part of it. I don't know how much time I'll have, but I'll try. My blog is http://godsdaugter4ever.wordpress.com/ and right now I'm writing fantasy-ish. I'm on the second book of this collection of books(It's not really a series, so I'll call it a collection XD).

    1. Thanks for your interest, Lisa! I'll let you know when we have more specifics. Do you write short stories or long books? And I'll be sure to check out your blog. :)