Letters to Jesus

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good morning!

I'm sitting here by the Christmas tree, which we haven't the heart to take down, and feeling rather sad that Christmas is over.  :(  But now I get to share with you about a new family tradition we just started this year, one that was inspired by a church skit...

My family runs the drama ministry at First Baptist Church of Windermere.  We all help write the dramas, select a cast and get them going!  It's been quite a fun adventure.  This time, my dad asked me to write the Christmas-themed script and so I chose to set it in the 1940's. (No surprise there, right?)  I wanted to tell the story of Christmas on the home front, back in a time when things were simpler.  We entitled the skit Letters to Jesus...it's the story of a family whose father is off fighting in the war.  Every year, they all write letters to Jesus, saying what they will give to him in the coming year.  Other children write letters to Santa asking for what they want, but these children write letters to the Christ child to say what they want to give.  Haley's character Betty gave the gift of contentment, my character Susan gave of her money and little Danny, played by my brother Manning, gave the gift of helping out around the house.  It was such a touching little scene!

So we decided to emulate it in our own home.  On Christmas day, we all gathered around the fireplace and read our letters, saying what we were going to give.  My gift was the dedication to live in the moment...to not become preoccupied with whatever is next in my life.  "Live in the moment" has rather become like a senior year motto for me.  This really was such a touching activity for our family and helped us reflect on our own lives.

What is your gift to Jesus?  What does your letter say?

Think about it. :)


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