Kilroy Was Here!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

I have always been enraptured by the 1940's.  There is something so wonderfully sophisticated and elegant about the way the women dressed and danced.  I used to wish I could have lived in the 40's.

Well...for a few weeks, I did.

My theatre company's fall show was called Kilroy Was Here.  It was a patriotic salute to those in the armed forces.  The plot was centered around a young G.I. named Joe Kilroy who drew the iconic little cartoon "Kilroy was Here" everywhere he went.  

I played Angie Wilberforce, a German spy working undercover at the local USO club.  I had so much fun playing the villain role!  It was such a joy to dance the jitterbug and wear retro clothes and makeup.  The whole time, I kept pretending I was dressing up like Peggy Carter from Captain America. ;)

There was only one catch.

I had the flu on opening night.  Not just any cold...No, I had influenza B.  And it was miserable!  I wasn't the only one that was unfortunately it spread like a wildfire backstage.  Before we knew it, the entire cast was throwing up and coughing.  Oh well!  We survived the run!

This was my "disguise" in the Spies song and dance number!

My beautiful dress! (And thanks to my Mother for all her work on my hair!)

My wonderfully supportive family - I can't thank them enough for all they do!



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