Random Prompt: Piano

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good morning!  I'm going to start posting more pieces of work on this blog - most of them will be short excerpts. ;)

I stumbled across this one today.  It was in an old theatre journal and we were told to write about an instrument.

"Sleep seems to have lost all its charm.  My head hits the pillow one minute and the alarm is shrieking in my ear the next.  I know that if I am stubborn and refuse to get up, I will only be giving the welcoming committee permission to come jump on my bed and wake me.

So I pull myself from my warm cocoon and make my way into the living room.

And there she is, sitting in all her seemingly effortless, impossibly perfect beauty...As if beckoning me to come.  She smiles and shines brighter.

She is my piano.  And my dearest friend.  With open arms, I run to her and stroke her ebony lid.  I know that she is mine — and when I am with her, I can forget everything.  Sleepless nights fade from memory.  All frustration is erased.  I become consumed by the cool flow of her song.  Her voice makes me smile.

I am alive."

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