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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Senior Life.

My entire world is filled with books, papers, deadlines, rehearsals, application forms...My mind is spinning!  Everything is suddenly becoming a reality - all that I've learned about living in a dorm, eating cafeteria food every day...all the little things that make up the big picture of college life.

In less than a week, I will be back in Chicago, Illinois for my interview with Wheaton College.  I don't know what to expect.  Last time I was at Wheaton, I was a little freshman with big dreams and no idea about where to start on her college journey.  Wheaton was my first choice and for years I was absolutely, totally convinced it was the school for me.  But last year, I visited Covenant College again, a school that I had previously seen.  These are my top two schools and I'm starting to get confused.  I love them both so much!  There are pros and cons to each.  Both will be cold, particularly to a Floridian who has, sad to say, never seen snow.  Wheaton is right next to Chicago, which provides more options and opportunities.  But Covenant has the most scenic campus I've ever seen - and I've visited a lot of colleges.

Currently, I have submitted applications to both schools.  I don't know where God will lead me but I am certain that He has a plan for my life.  So will I end up in a quaint little town up north, the school that Billy Graham, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot attended?  Or will I find myself on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, where I can see three different states?

Who knows?

I trust that God will lead me and that He will pave a way for my writing and teaching.

To God be the glory!


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  1. Glad to know someone out there is dealing with college apps, too. :) Right now my first choice is Kenyon College in Ohio (which has a really great english/creative writing program). I'm from Houston, Tx, so my first winter is probably going to be a shock, too. Good luck on your college search, and if you want to share stories you can check out my blog (The Blank Page), where I'm planning to do a recap of a recent college visit soon. Thanks for sharing! I always look forward to your posts :)

  2. I've heard of Kenyon - that's a great school! Will you be majoring in English?
    Good luck on your first winter. I'm already stocking up on all my winter clothes!!
    Thanks for stopping by and I'll be sure to check out your blog! ;)