Vladimir Nabokov

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible." - Vladimir Nabokov

I love this quote by Russian novelist Navokov, who is primarily known for his renowned novel Lolita.  This quote captures the essence of writing, the beauty of the ink stroking the page.

But these words also make me think about the new technology that adds to the "progress" of writing.  In our modern world, so many people (myself included) have turned in the paper and pen for a Word document on a laptop.

Sometimes, I like to do what I consider "organic writing"...meaning, I simply take out a blank sheet of paper and my inkwell pen and let the words flow.  Too often, I get distracted in my moments of creativity because Facebook and e-mail are only a click away.  However, even though I do prefer writing by hand, it is definitely more efficient and easier to type everything.

How do you write?  Do you get better results writing by hand or do you prefer using a computer?  Do you prefer traditional writing for its simplicity or using modern inventions for their effectiveness and efficiency?  Why??

Let me know what you think!

Write on!


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  1. This is a question I ponder quite a lot! Ever since I got a laptop, my writing has been almost exclusively computer generated (?), but just a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the Iowa Young Writer's Studio. My uncle gave a brand new notebook just for the occasion and I wrote in it every day while I was there. So I think I have re-discovered my love of writing by hand!

    ps. That is an awesome quote! It would go very nicely under the header of my blog. You don't mind if I use it, do you?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I feel the same way about writing by hand...when life gets busy I seem to opt for what is the most practical. But sometimes I just long to feel the paper and pen in my hand.

    And not at all, go right ahead! I think it's an awesome quote, too. :)

  3. I used to prefer writing by hand, but with longer manuscripts, I find my laptop is the way to go.

    I found you via Go Teen Writers and I'm inspired by your having written 9 novels! Whew! I love the way you spell your name, btw. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Rachelle!
    And thank you so much for stopping by my blog! ;)