Victory over the Darkness Book Review

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bonjour mon amies!

Yesterday I finished reading a wonderful book called Victory over the Darkness.  I know this isn't the kind of book I usually review, but I wanted to post about it because of its wonderful message of hope.

This book discusses the joy and peace of discovering our identity in Christ Jesus.  For me, this came at an opportune moment in my life.  The beautiful words of truth were so sweet for me to read...

Anderson makes the point that if we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior, we have been redeemed.  We have become "saints."  Though we still sin, we are no longer defined by our sinful nature.  Instead, we have been covered by the blood of Jesus.

Though I usually read novels, it was refreshing to read a book on my faith, a book that offered encouragement.

Light will always conquer over the darkness.  God will always listen when we call out to Him.  And when we realize our identity in Christ, we can be VICTORIOUS.

I pray that you all may find victory over the darkness of sin, past pain and memories.  I pray that you may find yourself in Jesus.

In Him,


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