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Mockingjay Review

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello, everyone!

Today I finished reading Mockingjay and I must say that I was incredibly impressed.  Suzanne Collins succeeded in thoroughly surprising me.  Not only was I surprised —  I was shocked.  Since book one, I was absolutely convinced that Peeta was going to die.  This theory was confirmed in my mind all throughout book two.  I figured that Collins was trying to make all the female readers swoon over Peeta, only to kill him off in the end, making his death more poignant and painful for the audience.

So let me just say that I was so relieved I actually started shouting for joy!

Now for the rest of the book.  This one had a slower start than all the rest.  It didn’t really pick up the pace until halfway through.  In my opinion, Suzanne Collins spent the last two books gaining readers’ attention and connection to the characters in the story, primarily Katniss, Gale and Peeta.  Then she used the last book to really make a point about the society and culture of Panem and the control of the Capitol.  Mockingjay was more militant and by far the most violent and aggressive of all the Hunger Games books.  In its defense, I think it was necessary, considering that there had be a rebel outbreak and war in order to gain independence from the government.  And you can’t have a war book without there being death and violence.

Regardless, this book still delivered.  There was suspense, fear, anticipation and always surprises.  While this book was not my favorite, I enjoyed the final installment in this epic series.  (And I was so thrilled at the end that I couldn’t stop smiling!)

What are your thoughts on Mockingjay?

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