Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I am editing my new psychological thriller novelette, called The Visitor.  A novelette is longer than a short story but shorter than a novella, which is shorter than a novel.  Recently, I've been trying to dabble in other styles, to get experience in different genres.  The Visitor is my attempt at writing in a way similar to Edgar Allan Poe.


The story is about two brothers.  Who both love the same woman.  When she elopes with the younger one, Henry, the older brother, named Dr. Tate, begins to harbor hatred and bitterness.  After Henry's mysterious murder, Dr. Tate is asked to be a part of the investigation to solve the crime.  At first, he is filled with jealousy, for he had been planning a way to take his own brother's life.

When Henry's two children, Lillian and Clint, are taken to Tate's manor for safety, Dr. Tate finds himself struggling to keep control of his own mind and state of reality.

I have been letting people read it and now I am making minor revisions.  It looks like a fun day ahead!

Write on!


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